Monday, January 15, 2018

What a Wonderful World - Childhood Misconceptions and Choreography Video Lesson

You know those misconceptions you have as a child? Maybe you thought you knew the lyrics to a song, only to realize years (or decades) later that you were completely wrong? As a child, I had a couple misconceptions that keep coming back to me. One was about the Bay of Pigs. For some reason, I heard about that moment in history more often than is probably normal. However, whenever I heard someone refer to the "Bay of Pigs," I thought they were talking about when Jesus cast the demons into the pigs, and they dove into the sea and died. So for years, that was the Bay of Pigs for me. I think I was in college when I realized my misunderstanding.

My other misconception that I know of is in the song "What a Wonderful World." I loved this song so much as a child! Louis Armstrong was one of my musical heroes with his scratchy yet velvety voice and his ability to show so much feeling on his trumpet. I loved this song because it painted such vivid pictures. 

I especially liked the second verse where I thought it said: 
          I see skies of blue, 
          And clouds of white, 
          The bright blessed day, 
          The dogs say goodnight,
          And I think to myself, 
          "What a Wonderful World."

Since realizing my mistake (in my 30s!!!), I have still loved the song, even without the enchanting picture of dogs howling at the moon to say goodnight to the world. I guess that wouldn't be particularly sacred, would it? :)

I have wanted to share my love for this song with my kids, so what better way to do it than by choreographing a simple dance to go along with it?

I'm so excited about this new resource. I know that, in the past, I've been bogged down by making choreography in the middle of coordinating a program. OR I have a random substitute who has no music experience and I don't have a million years to make something the kids will enjoy and still get a deep, musical experience.

I have created this choreography video lesson that will keep your students engaged! All you have to do is print a couple pages, provide the recording of “What a Wonderful World” and push play! It would be great for a Black History Month celebration, too!



Included in this resource are:
1. Instruction page that tells you (or your sub) exactly what to do in the lesson (PDF),
2. The choreography with lyrics (PDF),
3. A glossary of the moves described in detail (PDF),
4. A 14+ minute video that you play for your students. It goes through each move separately and gives time to practice each move. I also provide a private youtube link in case you would rather give that to your sub.
5. A 2+ minute video in which I speak the words in rhythm to rehearse the continuity of moves for the entire song.

Use these moves for assemblies, celebrations and programs, All the moves are small and simple, and they use mainly hand motions, so you can use these moves on the risers. These moves are great for Pre-K up to 5th grade, depending on your students. Once you have this resource, you can use it for your sub! 

Please note: there is no music included due to copyright laws. In the video, I have spoken the lyrics in rhythm while doing the moves. I used my iPhone to create the videos, so the videos are a little dark, but you can clearly see everything. See preview for sample before purchasing. The videos are each a QuickTime Movie (.MOV) file saved in HD 720p.

I recommend using recordings from your textbook, or your music library.

Watch the preview video here:

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