Saturday, October 7, 2017

Easiest K-2 Music Lesson Ever - "Peter and the Wolf" - Music Teachers and Subs - FOR USE WITH SMART BOARDS

Hi, Elementary Music Teachers! 
I have created the easiest, no-prep lesson to identify the instruments from "Peter and the Wolf" by sight and by name. This is perfect for a sub plan, but you can also use it in your classroom. A sub can successfully complete this lesson with NO MUSIC EXPERIENCE!

All you or your sub has to do is: 
     1. Show the video to your class (click here for video), 
     2. Purchase the Smart Board Lesson (click here for game download) and
     3. You're ready!

This is best used as a review to "Peter and the Wolf." Make sure you have the program "Smart Notebook" before you purchase this game.

Thanks! Hope this helps!